Hi, I'm Jenn

I am an internationally published photographer living in Melbourne, FL. I specialize in Maternity, Family, Mommy & Me and Fresh 48.

I'm originally from Oxford, Pennsylvania but I moved here on my own, just packed up my Honda and headed South back in 2001. I met my now husband, who is now retired Air Force and we have 3 kids, 3 dogs and some fish! My world has always been filled with art. I love to paint, draw, craft-anything but cook! I am a die hard coffee lover and can be found reading a book with coffee a lot...I'm also a tattoo collector, so you will never have trouble finding me- I have a lot!

I am a Sony girl when it comes to photography. I mainly shoot with my 35mm lens so i can capture a lot of little things and connections. Plus i don't like to shout from far away-haha! I am a moody photographer for a reason. I want to make you feel with an image..i want the colors to bring out the emotion.

Overall, i'm super chill and can't wait to meet you for your magical session!